Changes to BRAA Billing Cycles


Starting in 2017, BRAA will be billing on an annual basis rather than on a member’s anniversary date.

This means that starting in 2017, all members will be billed for the year at the same time — in November of this year.  Those dues for 2017 will then be due by 01/01/17.

Existing members who have not yet been invoiced for 2016 dues will be getting a pro-rated invoice that will cover their dues payments from their anniversary date to the end of 2016.    This will get all of our member’s setup for annual billing for 2017.

These members will therefore be receiving two invoices for dues:

  • An invoice in August 2016 for the pro-rated portion of their 2016 dues and
  • An invoice in November 2016 for dues for the full calendar year of 2017


For 2017 dues invoices that are going to be mailed in November of 2016 there is also a newly adopted formula for billing.

For Owner/Manger Members:

The new formula consists of a flat rate $228 to the Owner/Manager Member or Member Firm  + $2.28/unit for ALL units across ALL properties affiliated with the Owner/Manager Member.

For Example, under your current bill you may have been paying:

Prop 1  $245 + 1.70/unit
Prop 2  $245 + 1.70/unit
Prop 3  $245 + 1.70/unit

Under the new billing you will pay:


Prop 1  $2.28/unit, on a separate invoice for that property
Prop 2  $2.28/unit, on a separate invoice for that property
Prop 3  $2.28/unit, on a separate invoice for that property

All invoices can still be paid with one check or online and owner/manager members can login to the BRAA Web Portal to view status of all accounts.

For Supplier Members:

The new rate will be reduced from $470 or $370 a year based on the type of business to a flat $360/year.


If you have any questions about the change or the upcoming dues billing, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.