Owner/Manager Membership

Whether you desire information on fast-changing legislation affecting our industry, or to gain access to continuing education programs, professional forms, employment issues and personnel, the Baton Rouge Apartment Association provides the resources and professional network you need. As an Owner Member you will gain access to:

Experience all the benefits of Owner Membership by joining the Baton Rouge Apartment Association today.


Federal legislation as well as local and state regulations are rapidly changing. As affiliates of the Apartment Association of Louisiana (AAL) and the National Apartment Association (NAA), the Baton Rouge Apartment Association (BRAA) can assist you by networking with lawmakers on all levels. From municipal ordinances to federal mandates, we stand on the front line to protect your interests.


Education of apartment industry standards has become a necessity for both the property owner as well as on-site personnel. The Baton Rouge Apartment Association significantly reduces the cost of education through continuing education programs. We teach standard methods of operation as well as the newest techniques in management and sales. BRAA also presents nationally prepared and acclaimed property management certification classes for industry professionals including the Rental Owners Course (ROC), the Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) and the Certified Apartment Property Supervisor (CAPS) and the National Apartment Leasing Program (NALP). Local and National speakers address our membership on key issues such as Fair Housing, Louisiana Tenant and Landlord Laws, Pesticide Controls, Legal Aspects of Apartment Management, Federal Controls on the multifamily industry and much more.


The Baton Rouge Apartment Association offers a multitude of apartment rental forms which they sell at nominal rates. These forms are developed by members, reviewed by attorneys and copyrighted by BRAA. Included are: leases, rental applications, deposit receipts, move-in/move-out inspection reports, notices to vacate, deposit refund notices and much more.

Current Events

Staying abreast of mandates from HUD, OSHA, ADA, city ordinances and state and federal legislation can be a full time job. Add updates on financing, marketing and management to your list and suddenly one becomes overwhelmed with the burden of “keeping up”.


Networking provides an effective method for owners, managers and other industry related professionals to share the dos and don’ts of their trade. Meetings permit members to interact with one another in a relaxed atmosphere where they can share information and get answers to everyday problems. Our annual Trade Show introduces you to the latest products and services available in your marketplace. BRAA invites all owner members to nominate their outstanding team members for the annual Awards. A banquet is held every year to honor all nominees for their excellence.


Finding the right person for the right job can be frustrating. As an the Baton Rouge Apartment Association member, you are brought together with product and service providers who operate under our code of ethics to ensure that you are working with businesses who are dedicated to serving the interests of the multi-family industry. Additionally, our association receives resumes from apartment industry professionals who are seeking employment.

Experience all the benefits of Owner Membership by joining the Baton Rouge Apartment Association today.